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Beautiful Ukraine escorts model This moment it seems to it that all associates admire its persistence, persistence, ability to achieve the objective. It is not pleasant to the MAN, WHEN the WOMAN GETS to IT VERY EASILY, WITHOUT ANY EFFORTS. There are men whom extremely raises when the woman sharply rejects them, concerns them with contempt, or even with disgust. The gain of the similar woman, mastering by it is for such man the higher proof of its appeal, force and the courage, repeatedly strengthening sweet of a victory. So, to be attractive and desired in the opinion of the man, it is necessary to give the chance to it to feel the hunter. Let it will take pleasure in extraction prosecution, the game named “and well catch up”. In this case the victory will seem to it much more sweet, and the beautiful Ukraine escorts model . However! Teasing and raising the man refusals, it is necessary to know when to stop, that is, playing “a cat – of a mouse”, it is not necessary to play. Remember a known joke. What does the cock think, chasing a hen? – “I will not catch, so I will be warmed”. And what the hen thinks, escaping from a cock? – Whether “not too quickly I run?"." Chanel в„–5 ”Coco Chanel Well-known French artist-fashion designer (a real name Gabriel, the nickname of Koko to it was given by friends) was the graceful brunette, with fine-moulded features and with a fast, attentive, ironic sight. Spirits“ Chanel в„–5 ”, named her name, have brought to it the big capital. These spirits have been let out on the market in 1921, and they remain till now one of best sellers of a perfumery fashion. This thin Frenchwoman was present“ the femme fatale ”, the devourer of man’s hearts. It changed admirers, as gloves. Its statements were witty and venomous. It had a novel with the Russian Grand duke Dmitry Pavlovichem who was in exile. Dmitry Pavlovich, as well as the majority of men, has fallen in love in Koko at first sight. But first she has slightly cynically told to it in reply to its declaration of love:“ Do not cry, Dmitry, but neither your wife, nor the mistress I will not be ”. However persistence of the Russian prince nevertheless has got the best. Subsequently Chanel responded about Russian emigrants so:“ the Grand duke had beautiful face, green eyes, thin hands … Russian are stately, beautiful, magnificent. But behind all it anything is not present, only emptiness and vodka. They drink to get rid of fear ”. Coco Chanel maintained close friendly relations with Sergey Dyagilev, it sponsored its ballet statements. It had a novel with the well-known British, the duke Westminster which proceeded 14 years. And though at this time to it it was already far for 50 (!) It continued to have fantastic success in men. Coco Chanel had also a communication with Walter Schellenberg, chief РЎРЎ, Himmler’s authorised representative. In spite of the fact that men fell to her feet literally, Chanel mademoiselle and has not married. On the first place it always had work of the fashion artist and creation of collections.