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Cheap lady from Kiev escort Fetishism sexologists name such phenomenon when sexual excitation of cheap lady from Kiev escort causes in the man, and the inanimate objects having to it any relation, for example, linen not, shoes, the hat, a handbag, etc. Such subjects name fetish. For satisfaction achievement the woman is not necessary to the fetishist, it has enough fetish, personifying this woman. It reaches the culminations. This book – not the grant on sexual psychopathology, but let’s consider, whether has such concept, how fetish, any relation to usual life? Yes, has, but only benign, not being something pathological, outstanding. For example, meet the man (and them much) which raise only women with exclusively magnificent hips, and other women do not cause in them sexual excitation. It is possible to assert that for such men this feature of a female figure is original fetish. Other men prefer, on the contrary, only very thin and small women similar to girls. For them fetish the thin, tiny, childlike body is. The third are raised only by women for 20-30 years is more senior them. For them fetish experience and wisdom of such woman is, its ability to address with the man, because of it they do not pay attention to its withering body. There are even men (and it will be confirmed with any sexologist) who feel high-grade males only near to the women-invalids possessing any mutilation. A practical work of seduction the Question: I the tiny brunette, and the man of my dream prefer blondes. All its last girl-friends such. What to me to do? How it to involve? Карина To. 24 years. The answer: Karina, refuse a bias that your man "is programmed" only on magnificent blondes. After all the majority of men if so it is possible to be expressed, "are omnivorous". Try to approach at first with a subject of your sympathies, to get with it friendly relations. Then make experiment: sharply replace image, paint hair colour golden blonde, make a magnificent, sexy hairdress, as at Merilin of Monroe (and it, in turn, will help to involve in you of new admirers). You can try to intrigue your man, having forced it to be jealous. Surround itself with a plenty of admirers, it will cause in it unaccountable jealousy even if between you there are only friendly relations. If it will turn out nothing, That to you to look narrowly at those men more attentively, which are obviously not indifferent to you. Probably, among them you will find the one who will force you to forget about “the fan of magnificent beauties”? To be convinced of the aforesaid, look in any newspaper of the announcement of acquaintances. Quite often there it is possible to meet such, for example, requirements:“ I search for the thinnest woman ”, or“ the Persons weighing less 120 kg, ask not to worry ”, or“ I Want to get acquainted with the woman with very big bust ”and so forth As already it was told above, fetish can serve not only physiological features of the woman, but also those or other subjects of its clothes.