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Select Ukraine escorts model for sex To the full owning art of love and the reference with men. Near to such woman the young man gets hand in, studies in dialogue with representatives of the weaker sex and becomes the real man. In relation to the mature woman he plays a role “the lover – of the son”. It is necessary to tell that in general soft, delicate, timid men, irrespective of their age, the vigorous, resolute Ukraine escorts model for sex knowing that they want, capable to subordinate to themselves draw the man and executing the leading part in mutual relations including the sexual. In the same way closed, phlegmatic, quiet, laconic men reach for the cheerful, sociable, open women who are able without effort to fasten acquaintance more often. SOFT, DELICATE, TIMID MEN, IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR AGE, the VIGOROUS, RESOLUTE WOMEN KNOWING THAT THEY WANT DRAW. Men of advanced age, on the contrary, often are raised by very young girls. In the opinion of the young girl such man possessing life experience, had time to occupy certain position in the life, possessing financial possibilities, looks as powerful "God-almighty". It combines in itself(himself) roles of "lover-father". To put it briefly, except a traditional, classical deal of roles between the man and the woman, there are many possibilities for creation of harmonious pair quite approaching to each other. Here again there are no rigid rules dictating as “should be” that is correct and wrong". So, the conclusion from this follows: lovely women, be oneself. You should not change cardinally yourselves, in it there is no necessity. There is a weight of men which dream of such woman, as you. For them you are an ideal of the Present Woman: desired, exciting, raising. It does not mean, of course, that you should not improve yourselves. On the contrary, it is necessary to be improved. But – within the limits of your role if it is possible so to be expressed. Do not aspire to change the role on any another. Become sexier and seductive according to a role inherent in you.“ The cruel madam ”the French writer of 19th century, taken to itself a pseudonym George Sand (its real name – Avrora Djudevan), is known, among other things, also for that it was a beloved of well-known Polish composer Friderika Chopin. George Sand for six years was more senior the romantic musician, but, despite it, he idolised the“ the strict madam ”and was ready to execute its any desire. From this surprising pair – young, ardent Chopin and skilled, scandalous George Sand, – blew as delicate aroma of defect. The writer adored to shock bourgeois public (not without reason she has chosen to herself as a pseudonym a man’s name). This burning brunette with hardly appreciable short moustaches over an upper lip was the active advocate of emancipation. It began the first to appear in society in the man’s suit consisting of a dress coat and trousers. It supplemented the extravagant dress with the satiny cylinder with a fluttering veil, and also a small switch. Besides, she smoked strong, fragrant cigars and even a tube.